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LosTech wiki is a mediawiki-powered Encyclopedia site about BattleTech, the 'Mech combat game/s and franchise, that started with what is now known Classic BattleTech (the main game that continues to be supported to this day as of 2020).

LosTech Wiki prides itself in being the only site to combine fanon, canon and apocryphia from all official BattleTech products, as well as alternate universes and fan creations.

It is also the site you are probably browsing right now ehen reading this, so there's that.

All fan contributions are properly marked, most often with a prominent visual notice. The same is true for apocriphia - Apocriphia being officially licensed sources that aren't confirmed as canon for the franchise's main world.

Importing content[edit]

Some info is taken from Sarna.net - credit for the final edit of the used version is provided on page history when this is the case. The wiki states GDPL compliance. Pages from Sarna were imported from the very tool that the Sarna wiki page mantains explicitely for this purpose in Special:Export.

In occassion content may also be imported from other BattleTech-related specific wikis (such as wikis for a game like MechWarrior Online). These imports are legally and morally allowed by their own Creative Commons licenses, and similarly using the tools on their own pages mantained for this purpose.

BattleTech and all associated content is copyrighted and/or trademarked by its owners.

LosTech wiki claims no affiliation with them. Information is provided for entertainment purposes.

See the General Disclaimer for specifics.