Everett Beam Redoubler

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This article is about a fanmade component by NimoStar.
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The Everett Beam Redoubler is a quantum piece of equipment designed to widen the usability cases in combat in regards to Quantum-Entangled lasers.


It is the product of relentless Inner Sphere efforts to make the Quantum-Entangled lasers useful. Connected to the Word of Blake, some of their lesser-known experimental variants would mount this unusual piece of equipment.

By the 3090's, advancements on Inner Sphere lasers would render the EBR (and the related Q-E Lasers) obsolete. The complications of the tech and the lack of production of the very complex spare parts required, combined with the loss of know-how and training, meant none of them were known to remain in service by the middle of the decade.


The Everett Beam Redoubler forces the timeline to split an additional time, giving your Quantum beam weapons another chance to hit.


It is said the entire universe is destroyed, then recreated, when the Beam Redoubler is activated. This is merely a quantum effect so nobody notices.


The component always counts as Experimental tech.

Normally, upon a successful hit of a Quantum-Entangled laser, flip a coin or throw a d6. On half the cases (1-3 on the d6), the attack does nothing.
With an Everett Beam Redoubler, upon a fail, you can generate the weapon's regular heat again in order to flip the coin again.

Additional rules[edit]

If using the Probability-Enhanced optional Quantum laser rules, the Everett Beam Redoubler just gives a -1 bonus to the hit target of the Quantum-Entangled lasers.

Component family[edit]