Cold Fusion Reactor Engine

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This article is about a fanmade engine by Duskie-06.
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A Cold Fusion Reactor Engine is a much improved version of a Fusion Engine. It can sustain nuclear fusion at near-room temperatures.


Heat Sinks[edit]

It has 20 internal heatsinks. Actually, this is just the heat dissipation of a Fusion Engine, but it can be directed externally since Cold Fusion doesn't generate significant heat, waste or otherwise.

The internal heatsinks can't be upgraded into Double Heat Sinks, however.

Heat generation[edit]

A Cold Fusion Reactor still generates heat when moving, etc., as normal.

This is entropy due to energy conversion into mechanical and propulsion modes. However, the extra heat dissipation capacity saved.


This engine is so bulky it can only fit on SuperHeavy units. There has been no way to further reduce the Cold Fusion process in space. It uses 12 center torso slots in Mechs.


Cold Fusion Reactor engines weight 25% less than XXL Fusion engines.


Cold Fusion Reactor engines can enter a permanent Overdrive mode to give +50% speed when compared to their rating.

A Cold Fusion Reactor in overdrive will be disabled and instantly kill all crew from gamma radiation leakage upon a critical heat. Cold Fusion engines configured this way are locked into the mode from the factory setting, and can't be used in other ways.

Cold Fusion reactors don't and can't explode, since they have neither high temperature nor very high pressure.

Tech interactions[edit]

Propulsion from a Cold Fusion Engine in Overdrive mode is incompatible with MASC and/or Supercharger. It is however compatible with the extra strength from Triple Strenght Myomer, but doesn't actually gain extra speed since the myomers are already overtaxed to keep up with the engine.

Game balance notes[edit]

This iteration of the Cold Fusion Reactor provides a boost for superheavy 'mechs and most specially for Superheavy vehicles, which usually lack speed.

Unit designs[edit]